Founder & Scientist


Mr. Rabi Kant Bharti is the founder of health school, Learn to live and succeed, Motivational Speaker, Educators, Life coaches, business consultant, spiritual guru and healer. Rabi Kant Bharti is a spiritual guru. . Rabi kant Bharti. Who has read more than thousands of books and his 6 years of study, research and meditation have helped him a lot to come up with such a wonderful healings. He strongly recommends meditation practices to live a happy and balanced life and he himself has gone through several meditation practices such as Vippassana an ancient technique invented by Gautam Budhha., Dynamic, kundalini, Sudarshan Kriya , Kriya yog and Isha Kriya . Only through meditation he realized his true nature and now he has been serving the world with great enthusiasm and compassionate heart.

Co-founder and Manager:-
Prasant Dubey

Co- founder and Marketing head:-
Dhananjay Singh Patel