5 elements theory

The Water element The season for the water element is winter. The organs for water energy are the bladder, which is a yang organ, and the kidneys, which are yin organs. The bladder meridian runs along either side of the spine and is particularly useful when treating back problems. If you are in water, the […]

Organ and it’s emotion

In acupuncture theory there are sayings about the damaging effects of emotions: Too much anger injures the Liver Too much fear injures the Kidneys Too much sadness injures the Lungs Too much thinking/worrying injures the Spleen Too much joy/excitement injures the Heart Too much emotion injures the Heart   Element Organ Emotion Metal Lungs Sadness […]

12 organs clocks

The 12 organs in our body are owning 2 hours in a day according to the relevant time of the organ clock. In traditional Chinese medicine, diagnosis and the treatment are based on the dynamic theory of energy flow. This energy flow is continuous in our body in definite path. This vital energy is termed […]