Yin Yang Philosophy and it’s properties.


Yin Yang

Ancient people observed the nature and universe very closely and came up with yin yang concept.  In their eyes, no single being or form could exist unless it was seen in relation to its surrounding environment. By simplifying these relationships, they tried to explain complicated phenomena in the universe.

The yin yang sign is a symbol of completeness. Yin energy comes upwards from the earth. It is moist and cooling. It moves upwards through the yin channels. Yang energy comes down from the sun and sky. It is warm and invigorating. It runs downwards through the yang channels . yin and yang are opposite but complementary to one another.

The Yin Yang Symbol


The outer circle represents everything in the universe and the oneness, completeness. Yin yang both of them are required equally to make a thing complete. That’s what the white and black part represents. They are equally divided into black and white. Within the black section is a small circle of white. Within the white section is a small circle of black. Yin must follow the extreme of yang and the yang must follow the extreme of Yin, means within yin there is yang and within yang there is YIN.

The Black Section – YIN

The White Section – YANG

Feminine Male
Passive Active
Moon Sun
Dark Light
Cold Hot
Night Day
Soft Hard
Stillness Movement
Rivers Mountains


Properties of Yin and Yang 
These are the properties of yin and yang.

 Untitled Yin Yang  opposite to one another.

Such as :

hot and cold

Day and night

Winter summer

mountain and sea

2nd Yin yang are complementary to one another ,dependent to one another to create whole such as:

  • To create a complete day: day and night
  • To create a weather : hot and cold
  • Immensely required.
 3rd The law of universe is the law of change:Season changes, Day changes

Everything is changing in every minute. This change is happening in yin and yang cycles.

As you see in the picture given in left side, black part has increased which black part stands for yin,

in winter season yin increases.

In night yin increases.

in 2nd image white part stands for yang  has increased

in summer season yang increases.

In day yang increases.

 4th Yin Yang changes in one another after reaching extreme
When summer means yang goes to extreme it changes in yin.When winter means yin goes to extreme it changes in yang .i.e summer.When night means yin goes to extreme it changes in day means yang.When day means yang goes to extreme it changes in night means yin.
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