Yin YAng application in TCM Diagnosis

 Normal  Excess of yang  Deficiency on YIN


Yin Yang should be in balance in a healthy person.


·         When an excess exists, it should be reduced;


·         When a deficiency exists, it should be toned up;


Agitated, restless, irritability, lustrous and glowing complexion, a red tongue with yellow coating


Apathetic, silent, mental fatigue, lusterless and dull complexion, a pale tongue that looks tender and bulky
A loud voice, coarse and fast breathing, thick and sticky secretions A feeble voice, weak and shallow breathing, watery and thin secretions
Fever, prefer cold drinks when thirsty, mouth dryness, dry and hard stools, scanty and yellowish urine, burning or stabbing pain or colic, acute disease, and rapid onset Chills, no appetite, prefer hot drinks when thirsty, fatigue, general weakness, loose bowels, plentiful and clear urine, sleepiness, dull pain or soreness, and slow and chronic disease course
Pulse is floating, surging, rolling or rapid Pulse is deep, fine, hesitant or slow

Note:- We can identify the disease by observing and inspecting above chart . apart from it there are 8 principle of TCM diagnosis.


Eight Principle of TCM diagnosis:


Yang Yin
Exterior region of body Interior region of body
Excess Deficiency
heat cold




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