How to give rapid reiki treatment

Rapid reiki treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes:-

  1.    Ask patient to sit
  2.    Give you Both hand on both joint of hands
  3.    Place your hand on crown chakra
  4.    Place your hand agya and back head chakra.
  5.    Place your hand  on throat chakra and back of throat..
  6.    Place your hand on heart and back side of heart..
  7.    Solar and back side of solar..
  8.    Place your hand  Sacral chakra and base of spine..
  9.    Both hands on both knees..
  10.   Both hands on both feets.
  11. 11.Comb your client aura three times after the treatment.

Note:- In order to get it done more quickly or with in 5 minutes. It can be given by a group.

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