REIKI-Physic surgery

  • We all have  dormant ability inside ourselves waiting to be used.The ability to heal ourselves and each other is one of these ability. It is simple matter calming your power and developing the skill to use it.
  • Psychic surgery is a tool that allows you to take charge of inner power and use it to heal.
  • the main reason people are not in their optimum health is because they attract or create blocks to follow the flow of life force energy within themselves.
  • Blocks to life force energy usually take on a particular shape lodge themselves in and around the organs of the body or in the chakras or in the auras.
  • These negative energy blockages can cause health problem as well as other difficulty in life. Once they removed the life force energy return to its normal health flow and the person health is restored.
  • Physic surgery can be used to release this negative energy blockages including emotional, relationship, addiction, spiritual and physical health problems.
  • physic surgery can be done as a part of reiki session on others and can be done to yourself.


Physic surgery :-

Part -I:-

  • I give the cause of the problems an identity. This will allow the client and practitioner to focus directly on the cause and released  it. Giving the problem an identity can be very healing in itself as it allows one to bring the cause into awareness where it can be dealt with.
  • This involves finding location of the block and deciding what it looks like.Ask the client to think about the issue that they would like to have healed. Note that is not necessary for them to tell you what the issue is just for them to think about it.
  • Ask them to close their eyes and think of the issue.
  • if the cause of this problem were to exist in the part of the body, which part would it be?  if they have difficulty choosing an area, just ask the client to guess and reassure them that there is no wrong answer.
  • if the cause of this problem have a shape, what shape would it have?
  • There is something more than one location if this is the case . it is important to work with the most important location first and then deal with the other location one at a time if they are still present after the initial treatment.
  • if a shape has color what would that be , then ask about it surface , about the texture how heavy would that be , if it made a sound what sound would that be , remember any answer is ok. they do not have to be able to answer all of them…
  • after they answer some or all of your questions, the cause will now have a non verbal identity that client will be consciously aware of this gives client somthing to focus on and allow you to monitor the progress with each healing session.
  • Ask the client if they are willing to completely let go the cause now and healed now. tell the client you are going to send up to a higher power.ask them to focus on the shape and concentrate on letting it go.and also ask to acknowledge and be willing to learn any lesson or receive any information necessary for the healing to take place.


The process:-

  • The client may be seated or lying down to the reiki table. move behind the client and draw the power symbol on palm of both of your hands and activate it by saying it names 3 times.
  • Draw a large power symbol down the front of client body and activate it by intoning the name 3 times.
  • Now draw a power symbol each of your client chakra  to empower them.activate each of them intoning the name thrice..
  • Now extend your reiki finger which will be used in the psychic reiki surgery.this is done by grabbing hold of the finger and thumb on your dominant hand with the other non dominant hands and imagining that they are made of toffee stretch them about 12 to 18 inch or so breathe in  as you do this several times.
  • No this with both hands, move your hands around and imagine you can feel these extended finger and the power they contain.
  • Physic surgery is done with your full focus and is much like a martial art and done with your entire beingusinh your physic emotional mental and spiritual selves. It is done with the complete confidence in your ability, knowing that reiki is all powerful and we will succeed.
  • Say a prayer to yourself and ask that the healing take place within divine love and wisdom so that the highest good is created for all concerned.
  • Ask the client to focus on location of blockage and be willing to let go and be healed. draw a power symbol where the blockage is located.
  • Now with the full strength of your being imagine reaching inside the body of the client and grab the negative energy with your extended fingers , pulling it out and releasing it to the ground  to dissipate and disappear into the earth.
  • Use your intuitions to guide you as to the way that you pull it out, breathe in as you will and breathe out as you release..
  • Repeat this process as many time as you feel is necessary and feel for any change in this area. allow yourself to be guided and try different techniques as you progress.
  • The cleint may notice and be able to tell you of any changes that they observe during and after the process . Check back with the client and ask them to describe the shape now. Often the shape will change , reduce in size, or go altogether.
  • heal the area then reiki to fill the location with light, step back and make a movement similar to a karate chop to sever the connection between you and your client.
  • If there is any resistance  and you find that despite your best attempt the shape has not changed it may be block has a lesson connected to it.that must be communicated to the client before it can be released.
  • draw the mental, emotional symbol over  the area and treat with reiki until it becomes apparent what needs to be done by the client before the healing of that issue can occur.
  • This technique works. it i powerful and easily learned by anyone willing to take the time to try it.
  • All our problems are within our ability to solve and it is important to realise that there is always a higher purpose of  everything in our life.


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