Absolute comfort is like a death.

I have heard one story, that one man, a great priest, dreamed one night that he was in a beautiful place, sleeping under a tree, a cool breeze passing, subtle fragrance of flowers, birds singing; he couldn’t imagine a more heavenly moment. He looked around – it was really peaceful, beautiful. He thought in his mind he must be in paradise! But he was feeling hungry, so he thought: But where to get food? I am feeling hungry. Suddenly an angel appeared, with delicious food, and he was so hungry that he didn’t bother to ask: Where is this food coming from, and who are you? He ate. Then he wanted water, the water appeared from another angel; then he was feeling like sleeping again, very tired, so he said: But where to sleep? There is no bed. A bed appeared out of nothingness, out the blue. He slept. When he awoke again he became a little afraid. What was happening?

Now he wanted to do something. He was feeling full of energy; so he again said in his mind: Please send some angel, I would like to do something. An angel appeared. He said: I would like to do something, now I am full of energy, rested. The angel said: That is difficult. All you ask for we can provide, but doing is not allowed here. You cannot do anything – you can rest! You can be comfortable, as comfortable as you like. Whatsoever you need, you just ask, and it will be supplied.

A few days passed, then the man was feeling very very bored: not able to do anything and everything supplied – on order, immediately, with no time gap. One day he said: What type of heaven is this? It would have been better had I thrown into hell. The angel appeared and said: Where do you think you are? This is hell.

I like this story. Hell must be very comfortable. must be absolutely comfortable, so that no life is needed. Everything is supplied and you become dead, you vegetate; you don’t live.

Story told by Osho

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