Always stand with needy..

It is reported of Lieh Tzu, a great follower of Lao Tzu, that he had many disciples in his ashram.A certain disciple was found stealing again and again and he was creating a nuisance, but he was always forgiven by the Master. But there came a point where it became too much and all five hundred disciples went to Lieh Tzu and said, ”Now it is enough. There is a limit to everything. You have forgiven this man so many times, but he seems to be incurable. Now it is time enough, throw him out!”

Lieh Tzu said, ”Wait, brothers. You are all good people, moral, of good character. Anywhere you go you will be accepted by other people, respected, loved, served. And even without me you are so moral you will reach the truth. But where will this brother go? He has nobody other than Lieh Tzu because nobody will accept him. So all those who think that you cannot live with this brother, you go. But I have to be with him, because where will he go? Who will accept him? If Lieh Tzu rejects him then he is rejected, then nobody can accept him.”

This is how a man of wisdom is.

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