Ego is the hurdle

Once it happened: a saint knocked at the doors of Heaven, and at the same time, just by his side,a sinner knocked too. And the saint knew the sinner very well. He had lived in his neighborhood, in the same town, and they had died on the same day.

The doors opened. The gatekeeper, St. Peter, didn’t given even a look to the saint. He welcomed the sinner. The saint was offended. This was not expected, that a sinner should be welcomed.

He asked St. Peter, ”What is the matter? You offend me. You insult me. Why am I not received when the sinner has been received with such welcome?”

Said St. Peter, ”That’s why. You expect. He does not expect. He simply feels grateful that he has come to Heaven. You feel that you have earned it. He feels the grace of God; you think it is because of your efforts that you have achieved it. It is an achievement to you, and all achievements are of the ego. He is humble. He cannot believe that he has come to heaven.”

It is possible that a sinner can reach and a saint can miss. If the saint is too filled with his saintliness,he will miss.

Osho:  Tao

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