Life has no cause and effect. Live your live consciously.

Then again the next day the man appeared. She again ran away, came back. The man had gone, but again the corn was there. Certainly there was some relationship between the man and the corn.But it was too early for a scientific thinker to come to a conclusion. She didn’t want to commit to a theory so soon, in such a haste. So she waited – she must have been really a scientist. She waited and waited and waited and every day it happened.

Then by and by the theory became materialized in her small mind that there was a cause-and-effect relationship: whenever the man appeared the corn appeared. Nine hundred and ninety-nine times she watched. Now it was absolutely certain – there was a cause-effect relationship. When the man appeared, the corn appeared. The man was the cause, the corn was the effect.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine times was enough. She concluded now that there was a necessary relationship. And enough she had waited and experimented, watched and observed – now she could say that without exception it happened. So it must be a law. She was very happy and waited for the man. He appeared for the thousandth time.

The chicken went to the man to thank him for his kindness – and had her head wrung.

Life is like that. It has no cause-effect relationship. Even if something appears for nine hundred ninety-nine times don’t conclude; the thousandth time may be the exception.

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