Logic and attachment

I have heard about a professor, a professor of philosophy at the University of Paris. One day suddenly he told his students: I am the greatest man in the world! They could not believe it! This ordinary professor.

He brought, next day, a map of the whole world. He fixed it on the wall and he said, Come here, now I will prove it. Which is the greatest country in the world? Of course, it was France because all were French. So the whole world was dropped, only France remained. And then he said, Which is the greatest town, city, in France? Of course it was Paris, all were Parisiens. Then he said, And which is the greatest place in Paris? Of course it was the University, the citadel of wisdom. Now the students started feeling a little restless because he was coming to the point, and it would be difficult now to disprove. And then he said, Which is the best and the greatest Department in the University? Of course it had to be philosophy: the most ancient, with the secret most knowledge. ’And who is the head of the Department of Philosophy? He is the greatest man in the world.’

This is how you all function. This is the logic, this is the proof.

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