Logic is of both side..

Lieh Tzu reports a story, that in his town once it happened: the richest man of the town was crossing the river and the river was in flood. And there arose a great storm and just in midstream the boat overturned. Somehow the boatman escaped, but he couldn’t save the rich man. The rich man was drowned. A great search was made.

One fisherman found the body – the dead body – but he asked a fantastic price for it and would not give it up for less. The family was not willing to give so much just for a dead body so they went to a logician, a lawyer, a legal adviser, to ask what to do. Could something legally be done?

The lawyer said, ”You don’t be worried. First give me my fee and then I will show you the way.” Sothe lawyer took his fee and then said, ”Hold on. He cannot sell the dead body to anybody else; hewill have to yield, because nobody will purchase that body – so you just hold on.”

Two, three days passed. The family followed the advice. The fisherman became worried becausenow the body was stinking, and he started feeling that it was better now to yield and accept whatsoever they gave. It had become a problem, nobody else would purchase the body – he also felt it. So how could he bargain? But before deciding anything, he also went to the legal adviser –the same man.
He said, ”First give me the fee and I will give you the advice.” He took his fee and said, ”Hold on!The family cannot purchase the body from anywhere else – they will have to yield.”Logic is a whore, a prostitute. It can be for, it can be against. It belongs to nobody. So logic can be for philosophy and logic can be against philosophy.

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