Misery is self created.

Once there was a man, alone and miserable. He prayed to God and said ’My Lord, send me a beautiful woman, I am very alone, I need company.’

God laughed and said ’Why not a cross?’

The man was very angry and said ’Cross! For what? Do I want to commit suicide? I want only a beautiful woman.’

So he got a beautiful woman, but soon he became even more miserable than before. The woman was a constant pain in the neck.

He prayed again and said ’My Lord, send me a sword.’ He was planning to kill the woman and be free of her; he was longing to have the good old days back again. but again God laughed and said ’What about the cross? Should I send it now?’

The man was in a rage and said ’Don’t you think that this woman was enough of a cross?

Please just send me a sword.’ So the sword came. He killed the woman and was caught and ordered to be crucified. He prayed to God and laughed loudly and said ’Forgive me, my Lord, I didn’t listen to you – you were asking to send this cross from the very beginning. Had I listened to you, I would have saved myself so many unnecessary troubles.’

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