Acupressure points for Swollen legs

Left hand - yin side Left hand - Yang side Right hand - yin side Right hand - Yand side

  • Swollen leg due to fluid retention from traveling or excessive standing:

Treatment: Liv 1, 2,3 Sp5, 6,9,St32,36,k3, UB 23

  • Swollen leg due to heart problem

Treatment: P4,6,H7,GV11,UB15,P9,H9

  • Swollen leg due to  filariasis:

Treatment: Sp6, 9, St36, 39

Swollen leg due to poor circulation in leg:

Treatment:  Liv 3, K3, Sp6, 10, St 36, 39, Gb34 (WBM)

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