In Sanskrit bandha means to lock, to hold, or to tighten. But more importantly the bandhas, also known as energy locks , serve as valves that control energy, irrigate the channels of energy, and activate, replenish and balance the flow of prana throughout the body. While practicing, we observe energetic patterns beyond our physical form in the energy body.

How does it work? When you activate a bandha, the energy flow in a specific part of the body is blocked. When the bandha is released, this allows the energy to flow powerfully through the body and increases pressure. Asana creates bandha and bandha serves the breath and the breath is the vehicle for prana.

There are 3 kinds of bandhas:-

  1. Mula bandh – Root Lock
  2. Udiyan bandh
  3. Jalandhra bandha
  4. Maha Bandha or three bandh

I will write a separate blog for each of them.

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