Acupressure points for Jet lag.

Left hand - yin side Left hand - Yang side Right hand - yin side Right hand - Yand side

To find the points you can use the BYOL chart given above. Treatment can be given by Byol magnets. If magnets are not available press on acupressure point given in the chart with your finger for few minute and obtain the relief.

Sleep and awake disorder may occur in people whose sleep pattern have been disrupted. They fall asleep at inappropriate times then can not sleep when they should.

Main symptoms :-

  1. irritability
  2. fatigue during the day
  3. problem in concentrating
  4. performance under stress
  5. Sleep wake schedule disorder

Treatment:- St 36, Li 11, Tw 3, 4, GV 26 tonify


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 Acupressure Acupressure points for Jet lag, irritation due to sleep problem, Sleep wake schedule disorder

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