AKASH MUDRA – Steps – Benefits



Join the tip of your middle finger with the tip of thumb of both hands, press little and keep rest of the fingers straight. Now, keep your hands near the knee with palms facing upwards. Sit in this position for five to ten minutes.


  • the hearing faculty improves
  • Helpful in heart diseases
  • Helps -to develop noble & elevated thoughts.
  • To overcome a feeling of fullness / heaviness in the body or body-parts
  • To develop intuition and extra sensory powers (ESP)
  • Pain in ear gets cured.
  • To overcome discomfort caused by over-eating
  • Strenthen the bone..
  • Cures toothache
  • Irregular heart-beats
  • Immune system gets stronger..
  • very useful in case of weakness in bone..
  • Remove annoyance

Precaution:- Do not practice while walking and taking meals

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 Mudra Healing AKASH MUDRA - Steps - Benefits, good for ear problem, hearing faculty improve, immune system gets stronger, strengthen the bone., Toothache

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