Namaskar Mudra – Steps – Benefits


Namaskar Mudra:-

The word नमस्कार ‘Namaskar’ is derived from the Sanskrit root नमः ‘namah’, which means paying obeisance (Namaskar) or salutation.From Science of Justice – ‘Namaha’ is a physical action expressing that ‘you are superior to me in all qualities and in every way


1.Keep you hand on chest in namaste mudra.

2.All finger tips will touch all.

3.palm will become hollow.

4. take your attention to the hand the namaste you made.

5. then be aware of your body. your is state of gratitude


  • The spiritual growth enhances when greeting of Namaskar is done.
  • Give immense peace of mind..
  • The acknowledgement of presence of divine (soul) during act of greeting develops the attitude of surrender, gratitude and samarpan.
  • When the recipient also complements it develops spiritual connection between two souls.
  • The divine connection of togetherness boosts the aura and relation with the formless soul is progressed from the mortal form of body. Respecting soul is admiring the controller of body.
  • The exchange of Namaskars with mutual obeisance increases Spirituality for both the individuals.
  • During Namaskar, the greeter thinks, “You are superior to me; ‘I’ am the subordinate one. I do not know anything, You are omniscient, endless”, the moment this thinking crosses the mind, it immensely helps in reducing ego and increasing modesty.


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