5 Principles of reiki and its three pillar

5 reiki Principles:-

Do not worry Keep your one hand on heart chakra and another on root chakra.feel your worry is going …self healing..
Give up anger  Keep your one hand to agya chakra and another to root chakra and feel anger is goig.
Be honest   One hand on solar plexes and another on 3rd eye – practice honestyS..
Develop Gratitude One hand on agya and another is on crown chakra – develop attitude of gratitude..
love, respect and compassion for all things. Keep yor hand on agya chakra and root chakra the get your upper hand down to the throat chakra and lower hand up to the heart chakra an belief doing positive karama..


The 5 Principle of reiki is based on three pillar :-

  1.       Gesso- means two palm together..pranam..
  2.       Reiji-ho
  3.       Chiryo

Gesshow- means two palm together


  • Stand and keep your hand in gesshow and focus on middle figure meeting point..
  • If mind wonders refocus
  • And repeat the 5 principle of reiki


  1.       To express gratitude and respect..
  2.       To focus , to prevent mind wondering.
  3.       To bring oneness




  • Fold your hand in front of your chest (heart chakra) in the gessshow position with close eye.
  • Now connect with reiki power .
  • Ask the reiki power flow through you.
  • As soon as you feel the energy , continue on the next step.

Step –II:-

  •  Pray for the recovery health of the patient on all levels, let the reiki do what is required.
  • Raise your hands up before third eyes. Ask reiki to guide your hand  to where the energy is needed.


Step- III:-

  • Then use and follow your intutio;
  • This technique guides you like a magnet  to the place of body that’s need treatment.
  • Trusting your intuitions and phenomenon that is rei ki
  • Totally detatched you self  just let go and believe in rei ki.
  • Do not worry if nothing seem to happen- it will come in time  and when it does you will know.
  • Reiki will guide your hand to the next spot when appropriate.
  • When there are no more area requiring treatment of your hands  will be guided to the rest, palm down on your thigh in your lap
  • Conclude rejiho  by one more performing gasshow.

Chiryoy the 3rd pillar of reiki priciple:

  • The person who is giving the treatment hold their dominant hand above the client crown chakra and wait until their is an impulse which the hands and then follow.
  • During the treatment reiki practitioners uses the intuitions; giving free rein to their hands sensing painful area of the body to work on and moving fro those area only when they no longer hurt or until the hands lift from the body on their own .find a new area to treat.
  • The breathe is the bridge between body and consiousness.
  • As we breathe oxezen we breathe reiki as well which cleans and nourishes our body, mind and spirit.
  • Usui taught us a breathing technique named johine kookyuu-ho which means breathing to cleanse the spirit.

Learn to johine kookyuu-ho ti cleans the spirit:-

johine kookyuu-ho:-

  • Sit down, relax your body, Keeping your spine straight.
  • Inhale through your nose and imagine also the reiki energy drawing from your crown chakra.
  • Be aware of how you experience reiki drawn through the crown chakra.
  • Your entire body will be invigorated and enrich with reiki energy. draw the breathe deep down to the Lower tantien.
  • TAntien is the centre of the body, the seats of vitality.
  • hold your breathe and the enrgy you draw in with it tantien for a few seconds.
  • Your aim is to supply the body with love and energy. be gentle.
  • Imagine the energy from your tan tien spreads throughout your entire body.
  • Exhale through your mouth , imagine the breathe and the reiki energy flows out of your mouth, fingertips, toes, hands and foot chakra.
  • we became a clear channel of reiki. Energy flows to us from cosmos and back agin to the cosmos.
  • toungue on the roof of mouth toching front teeth while inhaling, bottom of the mouth while exaling.
  • experiment with this technique.
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