Reiki – Hand positions – Disease

Reiki goes where the body requires the healing that’s why it is very easy to learn and apply. Simply place your hand on the body and channel the energy and reiki will do the rest.If you do for specific organ will give better result sooner. Reiki work on mind body and spirit.

You need to master the hand position for reiki healing.


SL Hand Position Disease
1 Cup your hand and gently rest them over your eyes, cheekbones and forehead. 3rd eyes chakra eye problem, asthma ,stress, headache, allergy sinuses, pituitary gland and pineal gland. scribal nerves
2. Place your hands on the top of head fingertips touching the crown chakra migraine, headache, eye problem, multiple sucrose’s , stress, bladder, digestive disorders, emotional problems.
3. Hands on either side of your head with fingers covering your temples. Balance, cold flue,tiitus, ear problems, hearing, balance the function of right and leftr brain.
4. Place your hand back of your head covering the occipital ridge. headache eye problem, stress, fever, sinuses, digestive disorder, phobia, shock, fear, strock..
5. Hands covering top of the soldiers and bottom of the neck. neck problem, stress, nerves, spinal problem
6. Place your hands with the heels covering the throat chakra. Self expression, communication, breathing,  speech problem, bronchitis, flues,
7. Hands forming the T the left hand would be on heart chakra and the right hand would be on thymus gland. Lungs, thymus, thoiroid,  immune system,  emotional problem and stress..
    • Hands are placed horizontally at the top of the toros with finger touching. ( heart)
    •  Moves hand down as shown  (solor)
  • Moves hand down as shown  (navel)
  • Finally ending in V inside hip bone
intestine, reproductive problem, stomach, digestive system, infection.
12. Place hands over the front of the knees.. Leg pains, veins circulation..
13. Place hands over the:- Leg pains, veins circulation..
14, 15, 16,17 Hands are positioned first at the back of the solders / top of the back and then gradually moved down horizontally across the  back finger tips touching .

mOve hand down until finally ending V at the base of the spine..

Back spinal problem and stress..
18. Sit in lotus position and hold your feel with the both hands.. Leg pains , all major organs and glands…


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 Reiki Healing allergy sinuses, asthma, balance the function of right and leftr brain.headache eye problem, bladder, breathing, bronchitis, cold flue, communication, digestive disorder, digestive disorders, digestive system, ear problems, emotional problem and stress, emotional problems.Balance, eye problem, fear, fever, flues, headache, headache eye problem, hearing, immune system, infection, intestine, Leg pains, Lungs, migraine, multiple sucrose’s, phobia, pituitary gland and pineal gland. scribal nerves, Reiki hand position- disease, reproductive problem, Self expression, shock, sinuses, speech problem, stomach, stress, strock, thoiroid, thymus, tiitus, veins circulation..

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