Distant or absent Reiki healing

Distant or absent healing

The surrogate method:

  • Take a teddy bear or anything and believe that this is  the person and you  treat him.
  • surrogate can be anything:- teddy bear, pen, cristal, photographs.

  • Take a picture of the client who is away. write down the address or hospital name where she is admitted, ward no. bed no. be as specific as you can.
  • asked for the permission to send reiki.
  • imagine her sitting in the room or lying on the bed. depends on situation.
  • draw 4 reiki sandwitch and keep the bellow the photo
  • must not forget to intone each sybols 3 times
  • keep your eyes closer send reiki to her for atleast 5 minutes.
  • visualize the petient is getting better better and more better
  • trust the process.
  • reapt if full cure has not been done.


Thy and knee method:-

  • you will need to be seated to perform this treatment.
  • consider right leg to be front side of the body.
  • consider left knee to be back side of client body.
  • Knee represents the head. upper part middle part of the body and upper part leg.
  • make 4 reiki sandwitch on thy and intone the word thrice.
  • thak the universal life force.


  Visualizing technique:-

  • repeat your patient name thrice to make a connection..
  • make 4 reiki sandwich on friends body from 3rd eye chakras
  • intone the name 3 times
  • visualize that you petient has made full recovery.


Alternative visualization technique:-

  • Close your eyes visualize you are in petiet home.  made patient lie down..
  • make an invocation and project the all three symbols
  • visualize the healing is happening
  • complete the process by thanking the universal energy


MAke a reiki ball with your hands using all the four key in a sandwitch..

after the treatment we have to clean the aura and ground them..


Reiki can be send tp past and future events:-

  • reiki can be send in future for exams, appointment
  • We can send the reiki to our food before having it..
  • send reiki to your past, present and future..
  • end reiki to client work shop future edding..
  • rei ki can empower your goal ..write down a gaol very specificly with date..
  • draw the 4 reiki sandwitch to the top of the goal..

How to send:-

send energy to the above and another hand tyo the earth..magcian position..

scan the aura  check the blockage..

we can send 4 sandwitch with index fingure..

reki can compliment any other healing as well..NLP, hypnosis


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