The Reiki Distance Healing symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

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Hon sha ze sho nen:-

hon- the essesnce or cause..
sha – coming into the exsistence ..
ze- harmonizing appropriatly ..
sho- currectly or justly …
zen- the heart or thoghts …

This symbol is known as distant or absent healing symbol. and it use to transcend time past, present and future..

The Distance symbol can, as its name implies, be used to send energies over a distance. Time and distance is no problem when using this Reiki symbol

The person you are sending Reiki to is likely to feel it happening. If he/she has an open mind he/she can usually tell what you have done and when you have done it.

chau ku rei symbol used first to activate Hon sha ze sho nen symbol..

how to draw:- left to right and top to bottom.

this symbol can also be transferred to your client in same six way the cho ku rei was transferred..

we need to make a reiki sandwith while transferring. we need to make 4 reiki sandwitch.

cho ko rei +Sei hi ki + cho ko rei + hon sha ze sho nen + cho ko rei
Note:- intone 3 times each symbol to activate


use hon sha ze sho zen symbol:-

it is used in deep seated disease.
it works on long standing problem..
it can be used for a person who is out of the country.
it can be very helpful to a person who is in hospital.
it works in a group or larger organization.
it works on disaster relief…
To make world leader better
help in meeting
help to get rid of karmic past life issue.
work in children in sleeping or taking rest.
treat burn petient the petient which can not be touched.
it heals the inner child
heals past , present and future.
world peace

1. you are only limited by your imagination believe and succeed.
2. not important to understand how it works. belief and the right attitude will make real difference.
3. forget the logic
4. remove the ego you are channel for reiki ..
5. all method will work. try them all to find a best way to heal.
6. duration of treatment should be 15 inutes.

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