The Mental/Emotional symbol – Sei He Ki


Sei hei ki:-

This is the emotional and mental symbol used primarily for emotional and mental healing .Sei hei ki balances the right and left brain.


  1. To activate sei hei ki symbol. you must draw cho – ku-rei . first symbols intoning the word cho-ku-rei three times.
  2. You then draw sei heiki on the top of the cho-ku-rei and intone the word sei hei ki 3 times.
  3. Finally draw cho-ku-rei on top of the sei hei ki and intone cho-ku-rei three times.


NOTE:- it is called reiki sandwich..

REiki sandwich:-

Cho ku rei + Sei hi ki + Cho ku rei


If you feel your client is suffering from some sort of emotional and mental block. The reiki sandwich can be used to release any blockage and allow the healing process to begin.

Steps to send:-

  • Visualize or imagine the reiki sandwich coming out of your third eye chakras and entering the third eye chakra of your client. as you intone the words  add the rider if it be for highest good.


            Draw a symbol on your hands then place them over client 3rd eye chakra.

Needed:- This is needed when you are treating a person of addictions, weight loss and unwanted habits.keep a box of tissue handy as this often cause client to weepy and emotional.


Few important points:

  • The reiki sandwich can be used in all the normal hand positions. How ever the third eye chakra position must be treated with the utmost care and responsibility.
  • The reiki sandwich will take the practitioner deep into the client mind . It is vitally important to guard  your thought as they can be picked up by the client.
  • as the higher self of your client for consent before  working on their third eyes chakra . your own intuitions will give the you the answer.


NOTE:- if you treating a person suffering from disease such as cancer, leukemia, aids,visualize thousands of  sei hi ki penetrating every cells of clients body.


When you find something you do not understand or you have question that’s need answering:

  • write it down on a piece of paper then draw reiki sandwich ..
  • Then search for solution. you will get appropriate on by your intutions.


Sei heiki symbols help:-

  • blockages and resistance of the body.
  • helps in long standing problem
  • it helps drinks, drugs and smoking addicts..
  • helps in anorexia nervosa and bulimia.
  • relationship problem.
  • fear, phobia, and nervousness.
  • Anger, sadness and other emotions.
  • grief from bereavement.
  • Improving memory
  • Enhancing affirmation
  • improving intuitions and inspiration.
  • calming negative atmosphere
  • balances energy in your home, office
  • calming argument
  • improving proper communication
  • it can help you every level..
  • protects you losing your personal belonging.
  • it protects you while traveling…
  • helps you find lost article…
  • improves creativity
  • helps a lot to coma patient and head injury.
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