Maha Bandha – Steps – Benefits – Precaution

Maha Bandha – The Great Bandha – Tri Bandh

Maha in Sanskrit means great, and Maha Bandha is the combination of all three aforementioned bandhas.

1. Sit in a comfortable seat, on your shins or cross legged, palms of the hands on the thighs or knees.

  1. Inhale fully through your nose, and exhale completely through your nose.
  2. Squeeze squeeze squeeze until every last drop is out.
  3. Without inhaling engage Mula Bandha, then find Uddiyana Bandha.
  4. Inhale a tiny bit and lift your chest, and from there engage Jalandhara Bandha.
  5. Retain, pressing your palms down, as long as possible.
  6. When you have had enough, lift your head, inhale fully, and release all the bandhas.


  • Beneficial for the health of the whole body, especially the autonomic nervous system, internal organs, muscles and nerves.
  • Has a positive influence upon the mind.
  • Maha Bandha gives the benefits of all three bandhas
  • Regulates the entire endocrine system. And as an added plus, it makes you a much better swimmer, runner, and of course Little Mermaid impersonator.



The precautions given for each of the individual Bandhas are also valid for Maha Bandha.



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