Super brain yoga – Steps – Benefits


Super Brain Yoga

It really makes us wise and intelligent. Lord Ganesha used to practice this yoga. That’s why he is considered to be wise and intelligent god among Hindu. In primary education Indian teachers give punishment to the weak students in order to make their level good. In modern time master choa kok sui who is the founder of world pranic healing foundation introduce this yoga. He named it “Super Brain Yoga”, a technique to stimulate and energize and recharge the brain and its functioning.  It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture holding the ear tips.


  1. We must face in the east while doing it. old people face the north..
  2. Khechari Mudra..tongue to the palate..
  3. Invoke the divine blessing..(optional)
  4. Stand your feet should be shoulder width apart..
  5. Squeeze your right earlobe with the left hand thumb and index finger..
  6. Squeeze your left earlobe with the right hand thumb and index finger…
  7. Left arm must be inside and right arm must be outside
  8. Inhale while sitting down.
  9. Exhale while standing up.
  10. Repeat step 8 and 9 for 14 times.
  11. Release your finger from year lobe.
  12. Say a thanking prayer.(optional)


  • It helps in the smooth functioning of the brain.
  • It increases the presence of mind.
  • It helps one to concentrate
  • It improves the memory and enhances the thinking capacity of the brain
  • It revitalizes the brain and increases the mental clarity.
  • One can notice behavior change.
  • It activates the muladhar chakra.
  • Cleans chakra and aura both.
  • It gives power.  Immense self control.
  • It helps in releasing the tension and calms the brain.
  • It balances the right and left brain. Makes our brain healthy.
  • It can even help in getting rid of aggressive behavior.
  • It is used as an intervention to support student success.

All the benefits are temporary in nature if the exercise is not done regularly.

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