Vrikshasana – Steps – Benefits


The yoga name for Vrikshasana can simply be put as Tree Pose Yoga. This Pose belongs to the Inverted Balancing group of poses. It is one of the most difficult, fascinating and effective yoga poses. It is called Tree pose because when performed correctly, it looks like a tree.

Steps :

  1. Stand straight, with both your hands high up in the air. Feel the stretch in both your arms and your torso.
  2. Shift your weight slowly to your left leg, planting it firmly on the floor.
  3. Take in a deep breath and bend your right knee. With your right hand, hold your right ankle and draw the right foot upwards.
  4. Place the sole of your right foot against the inner part of the left thigh and press the foot’s heel into the inner part of the left groin. Keep the toes of the right foot pointing towards the floor.
  5. Ensure that your pelvis is straight and its center is directly over the firmly planted left foot. Rest your hands around the pelvic rims.
  6. Stretch your torso as if you are lengthening your tailbone and press the right foot into the left thigh while resisting the pressure from the outer part of the left leg.
  7. Bring your hands in front of the chest, folding them in the Anjali mudra.
  8. Remain in this pose for a few minutes and breathe deeply. Now begin to unfold slowly and come into the mountain pose.
  9. Repeat with the legs reversed.


  • This pose leaves you in a state of rejuvenation. It stretches the legs, back and    arms, and invigorates you.
  • It brings balance and equilibrium to your mind.
  • It helps improve concentration.
  • This posture has been found to relieve some cases of sciatica.
  • It makes the legs strong, improves balance, and opens the hips.
  • Helps those who are suffering from sciatica.


  • Patients suffering from ailments like low blood pressure, insomnia and headaches avoid practice of this asana.
  • One should practice this asana on soft and spongy mattress for avoiding injury in case of losing balance.
  • It is recommended that one suffering from high blood pressure avoid rising of arms over the head while practicing Tree pose.


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