Salbhasan – Steps – Benefits



1. First step, you need to lie down on the floor on your belly and place your chin on the floor.

2. Place your toes on the floor, touch the knees to the ground.

3. Place your hands below the hips on the ground below your hips in a way that your palms rest on the ground.

4. While inhaling lift up your head, upper body, thighs and legs off the floor.

5. Raise your leg as high as possible, hold your breath and remain in this position resting your body on your belly.

6. You could also use blankets folded below your thighs if you are not able to maintain balance. This will give you support.

7. Exhale and return to the starting position.

8. Repeat this asana 10 times.


  • Strengthening the muscle of lower back
  • Strengthen the shoulder and arm
  • Strengthening the muscle of upper leg
  • Stimulates the stomach and intestines helping to relieve gastrointestinal gas and improve digestion.
  • Strengthens the bladder, and stretches the spine.
  • Apart from these, there are various mental and physical benefits of practicingSalabhasana every day.
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