Acupressure points for Whiplash injury..

Left hand - yin side Left hand - Yang side Right hand - yin side Right hand - Yand side

To find the points you can use the BYOL chart given above. Treatment can be given by Byol magnets. If magnets are not available press on acupressure point given in chart with your finger for few minute and obtain the relief.

Whiplash injury usually occurs when one stops suddenly  in the vehicles or is hit from behind. The head snaps violently back and forth. a proper positioned headrest limit this motion.

If the head is thrown backward beyond it normal range of motion, muscles, and ligaments in the neck can be damaged.

Treatment :- Si 3, 6, GB 20, 21, and any tender points found in the neck correspondence.

if full relief not obtained :-

Add: Lu 7, Li 4, Tw 5, Si 12, UB 10, GV 14, GB 34,

Web between forefinger and middle finger..

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 Acupressure Acupressure points for Whiplash injury

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